America Choice Benefits is a group of professional service providers who offer employee benefits covering the needs of current homeowners and those aspiring to own a home of their own someday. Our assistance programs and workshops bring the basic knowledge, financial literacy from different professional services needed to reach the American Dream.

Our partners are all established and have tenure in their profession bringing a wealth of knowledge to anyone who attends our power packed workshops. Collectively we believe that knowledge is the key to our economic success.

Our benefit program is offered as an employee benefit gaining access to Workshops & Education, Trusted professionals and discounted savings from top rated professionals; unavailable outside of the ACB Program.

While working with our providers America Choice Benefits can save you thousands!  The best part is that this program is free to the employer. We know how important it is that your employees stay financially sound and productive. Buying a home can feel like one of the most stressful times when it doesn’t have to be. Let our team start empowering you with the knowledge and resources you need today!


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